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Find Your Joyful Birth brings to you professional, nonjudgmental & customized doula services. There for you from pregnancy, through labor and the postpartum period, we strive to help you find YOUR joyful birth experience whatever that may be.

Private and group childbirth education classes, labor doula services and postpartum belly binding for you and your growing family.


Our Services


Childbirth Education:

Not your typical childbirth class, we explore the how, when and why of pregnancy, labor and the postpartum period. Currently offering private, in home childbirth education customized to what YOU want to know.

Topics that can be covered include an in depth prenatal planning session, labor and birth anatomy and process, role of a partner/support, non-medicated comfort measures, medical options for pain relief, labor and pushing positions, interventions, tips for navigating your hospital of choice specifically and the initial postpartum period with you and your baby. 

Depending on your subject choices, the class can range from 2 hours, 5 hours or a full day (or broken up into 3 week, 3 hour sessions).

Labor Doula:

Complimentary initial consultation: An initial consultation (over the phone or via FaceTime/Skype) to discuss your birth preferences, doula care services and discover if we will be a good match.

Once hired, FYJB is available for unlimited phone and email access and on-call 24/7 for you should you go into labor at any time. 

:: Prenatal, Labor and Postpartum ::

Prenatal: Up to 2 hours of a one on one consultation in which we discuss your hopes, desires and fears for your upcoming delivery. Assistance with formulating a birth plan and various comfort measures to employ while at home and the hospital. 

Labor: In person labor support for the duration of your need and/or at least 1 hour after the birth of your baby. Informational, physical and emotional support will be provided throughout. 

Postpartum: Up to 2 hours of postpartum care either at the hospital or at your home within 2 weeks of your delivery. The postpartum visit involves reviewing the birth, discussing pain management, breastfeeding/feeding issues, referrals to local resources, celebrate successes and help with your overall transition to motherhood. 

Belly Binding:

An in home service within the first 6 weeks postpartum, you are wrapped with a long piece of cloth tied with special knots to help support the uterus and other organs after birth.

Your binder comes to your home and takes the time to care for you, teach you or your partner how to wrap the cloth, listen to your birth story, admire your baby and leave you with the feeling of having been nurtured.

Undyed, raw muslin cloth is provided for your use.  


About the owner:

Farah Bekdash is a certified childbirth educator, labor doula and postpartum belly binder. She began this work after the birth of her second child. Farah is a mom to three, who gave her the opportunity to experience a scheduled cesarean, medicated and unmedicated VBAC births in both the Middle East and DC. Motivated by the range in birth experiences, Farah created Find Your Joyful Birth, to offer nonjudgmental support to families and help them achieve their birth and postpartum goals as well as finding the joy in what they actually experience. Farah also has a Master’s of Science in Biology and is a certified kid’s yoga teacher. She thrives on travel, reading a great book, tea time and sunshine.


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